jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

distribución de la riqueza

A lesbian that
has a husband
and a girlfriend.
Someone that writes about my
heself / sheself
and about someone else:
someone else so remote
someone else that tickles
someone else that makes your nose itch.
A woman that says she can
cook like the best in the world
the same woman that can’t even fix herself
or go shopping or clean
or read or use money at all.
The greatest life
The least life:
my husband is
the chains of slavery
of the heterosexual norm.
My blonde girlfriend has
savage hair
and rides a horse like an Amazon.
My self is
a caged lion
a giant cat’s plate
with milk and ready to lick.
That someone else is
a frayed sky
about to collapse in
a sea of tears.
My ceramic plates are
used by men and women
that devour my passion fruit mousse.
My daily life collapses in
a yellow bed with flowery sheets
encrypted in a crystal capsule.
My yellow bed is
a carnivorous flower with a warm corolla
that shelters my sleeping self.
My sleeping self that expects
from the historical kiss
to wake up again
to the strong sun
and the heavy rain
to the alternation between hot and cold
to the hardness of life
that only in the end-points
of the threads that embroider
babies’ names
seems to long for balance

MLR en  tumblr.com/post/26797534681/maria-laura-romano-parallel